About us

Cornerstone Benefits Management specializes in working with unions across America to provide comprehensive and affordable group insurance plans to their members. Our group insurance plans help protect members and their families during times of need. We focus on customer service and innovation to ensure those we protect have peace of mind.

Our dedication to union members began with our work with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET). We understood the gap in coverage these members had and we dedicated our business to helping to eliminate it. Protecting almost 20,000 BLET members and their families, and paying out over $30 million in claims strengthened our view that all union members, across all industries and crafts face similar risks. Therefore, we expanded our business to helping all unions.

Cornerstone Benefits Management negotiates with some of the top rated insurance companies to offer members the very best coverage at affordable rates. Benefits offered through Cornerstone include critical illness, accident and hospital indemnity plans for members and their families, as well as short term disability, long term disability, accidental death and dismemberment, and life insurance policies.

Why we do what we do

At Cornerstone, we know the hardships union families go through when burdened with an unexpected illness, injury or death. Too often there is minimal benefits being provided by the employer/carrier, social security or railroad retirement. With these benefits falling short of members’ needs it can be detrimental when any union member suffers a sickness (heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc.) or sustains an injury. These are the types of claims Cornerstone provide coverage for. We strive to shift the financial risk these claims create away from the member and his/her family to an insurance carrier.

The average American has a 3 in 10 chance during their career of being out of work for 90 days or more on a disability. Union members have an even higher risk due to their occupations. We must remember that someone’s “most valuable asset” is not their home or car, but rather their ability to earn a living. Most people will realize a financial struggle within a few weeks of missing a paycheck. It is important for each member to be fully aware of their options to secure gap insurance to avoid reaching this “pain point”. Disability insurance allows each union member to pay their mortgage and other bills without tapping into savings or significantly altering their lifestyle.

Additionally, most Americans are underinsured for life insurance. Relying on what little, if any, coverage an employer provides simply isn’t enough. A group life insurance plan provides members with guaranteed approved coverage requiring no medical questions. This coverage helps better protect a member’s loved ones in the event of a death.

Finally, we also believe that protecting a member’s family is crucially important. Being able to cover everything from a trip to the ER to a broken leg to a cancer diagnosis for all members of your family helps you get through those unexpected tough times. Our hospital indemnity, accident and critical illness plans are an affordable way to receive a lump sum payment when these types of situations arise.

How it works

Putting in place a Cornerstone Union Group Plan is easy:

  • All plans are 100% voluntary so nothing is forced upon the membership. Members can simply choose what coverages they want during their open enrollment period.
  • Just being an active member of the Union gives you the ability to enroll. The only stipulation is that members be actively working when the policy goes into effect.
  • The insurance is guarantee-issue, which means all members can secure coverage without ever answering a medical question and no member can be denied coverage due to weight, age, occupation or medical history.
  • All plans are administered by Cornerstone Benefits Management and require no time or effort from union officials. The union plays NO role in the collection of premiums, so premiums are never comingled with union dues.
    • Participating members pay for coverage directly out of their personal checking or savings account to our third-party administrator.
    • Our third-party administrator is responsible for collecting the premium and paying the insurance company every month.
    • This process saves time and money for the union and eliminates all liability to union officers.

In time of need

We know that insurance plans are only as good as how they perform when the unfortunate occurs. Having a claim is a stressful time, which is why assign a dedicated “Cornerstone Claims Advocate” to work directly with the sick or injured claimant to ensure the benefit is paid promptly and accurately from the start.

We provide a convenient telephonic claims process to ensure the member is fully educated on the claim process. Our claims team is in the business of not only providing best in class customer service, but also to be the liaison between the insurance company and member.

If there is ever an issue with a claim decision, Cornerstone steps in to fight on behalf of the member. We provide full appeal services that include a claim’s analysis and the drafting and filing of the actual appeal. Our philosophy is that we want you and your family to focus on recovering, not on dealing with the insurance company.

If you would like to learn more about Cornerstone please call 847-387-3555 or send us an email.