TPA Services

At Cornerstone, we understand the responsibility and liability associated with administering a group insurance plan. Our administration and premium payment system was designed to create peace of mind for union members and union officers alike. Our comprehensive approach installs checks and balances that make processing the payment for group insurance plans simple and compliant.

Providing benefits without the burden of administering them is what we strive to do through;

  • Premium Payment Process
  • Claims Advocacy

Our team allows you and your membership to focus on the more important aspects of your lives with the confidence that Cornerstone is taking care of ensuring premiums and claims are processed and paid accurately.

Payment Processing

We believe avoiding payroll deduction as a premium collection option is an essential factor to avoiding unnecessary liability for your Union and its officers. Our payment system gives union members the convenience of paying their insurance premiums automatically, while removing union leadership from the process and giving the union assurance that premiums are not commingled with union dues. Additionally, our system simplifies the tracking and payment of insurance premiums, which eliminates costly time and work for the Secretary-Treasurer.

Payments are made through a member’s own bank account via a secure ACH process. The member gets to choose which day of the month premium payments will be made, and he/she also has the option to split the payment over 2 dates within each month. This process provides flexibility for the members and secures their privacy.

Claims Advocacy

Experiencing a debilitating illness, injury or death in the family is one of most stressful experiences a union member can encounter. Having to deal with jumping through the hoops necessary to get a claim paid during these types of situations is the last thing you want to deal with. With Cornerstone, you don’t have to deal with this additional stress as we work on your behalf to get your claim paid.

Each member that files a claim is assigned a dedicated Cornerstone Claims Advocate to be the point person between the member, his/her physician and the insurance company. Members start their claim by calling our office, and then we take over to usher the claim through the process to ensure that benefits are paid quickly and accurately.

If you would like to learn more about plans offered by Cornerstone please call 847-387-3555.