Short Term Disability

At Cornerstone, we know the most important asset workers have is their health. If our clients can’t physically go to work because of injury or sickness we know the consequence that can have on their family and their financial situation.

When you consider the following factors: income, health risks, current benefits, and in some cases no access to Worker’s Compensation insurance, it can be argued that workers today are as under-insured as in any point in history. We at Cornerstone believe union workers keep our country strong and moving forward, and deserve access to the very best income protection plans available. This is why the Short-Term Disability (STD) plans we offer to our union groups begin paying as soon as day 15 of the disability. Additionally, the Short-Term Disability (STD) plans we offer our clients pay 60% of their weekly earnings tax free and are stack-able with other government and/or union plans. All STD benefits are stackable to 80% of pre-tax pre-disability income. In most cases individuals on STD will realize a similar take-home income as STD benefits in most cases are non-taxable. The STD benefits offered through Cornerstone pay for up to 50 weeks.

If injury or sickness keeps our clients out of work longer than 50 weeks (12 months) they can transition to Long-Term Disability (if enrolled) which has a 52-week waiting period. Click here to learn more about Long-Term Disability offered by Cornerstone.

If you would like to learn more about short term disability plans offered by Cornerstone please call us at 847-387-3555.