To enroll in Accident and/or Critical Illness coverage, Please call 224-770-5308

About Open Enrollment

We are pleased to inform you that Painters District Council 14 is in open enrollment beginning October 1st. All of the available coverages are offered separately and a member’s participation in one or all of these coverages, and the level to which they elect to participate, is voluntary and strictly their individual choice.

The purpose of this group insurance plan is to give you options to supplement your income and expenses in the event that you cannot work as a result of injury or illness. This group offers Short Term Disability and Life with Accidental Death & Dismemberment through OneAmerica and Accident and Critical Illness coverages through Colonial Life.

This is a group policy and minimum participation requirements must be met for the plan to take effect.

Group Insurance Information

This page will provide you with information related to your union’s group insurance plan. Here you can view and download a copy of the group policy/benefits booklet(s), view rates, and request information. If you have any questions regarding the benefit options that you are currently enrolled in, please call 847-387-3555.

Please note that if you retire or leave the union for any reason, you are no longer eligible for disability coverage and should contact our office immediately. If you are enrolled in Accident, Critical Illness, or Life coverage and leave the union (including retirement), please contact our office immediately to continue your coverage(s).


This is a group insurance plan; therefore, the costs and benefits are determined by the overall claims experience of the group. Your future rates and benefits may change regardless of whether or not you’ve ever filed a claim.

Know Your Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the member to notify Cornerstone Benefits Management if employment or union status changes. Failure to properly notify Cornerstone Benefits Management could result in loss of premiums and/or insurance coverage. Notification to Cornerstone Benefits Management must be by phone at 847-387-3555 and/or by email at

Be Informed

As an individual member of the union who is paying for coverage, you are responsible for understanding the group policy and its provisions. To view/download the group policy/booklet, please look under the Policy Documents tab.

Policy Documents


Contact Us

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