Claim FAQs

Q:  What information do I need to open a claim?

A:  In order to file a claim, you need to have proof of your last day of work, a copy of a full paystub, your doctor’s name and phone number/fax number and your banking account information for direct deposit benefit payments.

Q:  How long will it be before I receive benefits?

A:  Before your claim can be submitted to the insurance company, proof of your last day worked and a full paystub need to be submitted. The claim cannot be processed by the insurance company until the medical information is received back from your doctor. Once medical information is received from your doctor, and then the insurance company takes approximately 7-10 business days for the review before a claim is approved.

Q:  Will my benefits be offset?

A:  For Short Term Disability, an offset only occurs if 100% of your pre-disability is exceeded by the combination of all group benefits you are eligible to receive. Your pre-disability income is based upon your elected annual salary. 

A:  For Long Term Disability, if you have elected the benefit option that pays 60% of your income, the combination of any contact benefits that you are eligible for cannot exceed 60% of your income.

Q:  Will my claim be considered an injury or an illness?

A:  There are 2 classifications for a claim: injury or illness. A claim is considered and injury if it is resulting directly from an accident or is independent of bodily disease or infirmity.  Please note that an injury will be considered an illness if your disability occurs more than 30 days after the date of the accident or if the injury is not a result of the specific event. Scheduled surgeries are typically considered an illness.

Q:  If I am going to be out longer than I was approved through, how do I get my claim extended?

A:  In order to get a claim extended, additional medical information would be needed from your doctor. Please call our office at 847-387-3889 and speak to a Claims Advocate who can send a Statement of Continued Disability form to your doctor for completion. Please note that a claim cannot be extended until the medical information is received and reviewed by the insurance carrier.

Q:  Do I still have to pay premiums while I am on disability?

A:  While you are on short term disability you continue to pay your monthly premiums. Once you go into long term disability, you are not required to pay disability premiums. If you have life insurance, you may still be required to pay life premiums.

Q:  Will my claim be considered pre-existing?

A:  Cornerstone is not involved in determining whether or not a claim is pre-existing. It will be determined by the insurance carrier during the claim approval process and is based on medical records. Please refer to the policy information page for more information.

Q:  If my doctor releases me, but the railroad won’t let me come back will my benefits continue?

A:  Once your doctor releases you to return to work, your benefits from the insurance company will stop. Sometimes the railroad will need to complete their release process. This may include reviewing your medical file or having you complete a physical. If this process keeps you out longer than your doctor had, it will not be covered by your disability benefits.