Check the Status of a Claim

Check If you would like to check the status of a claim, our office can assist you. Please call us at 847-387-3889 and a member of our team will assist you in finding out the status of your claim.

Short Term Disability Claims

Depending on your specific plan, the first 13 or 50 weeks you are out of work, your claim will be considered Short Term. The insurance company will contact our office to verify your last day of work and current income. This is information you need to provide to us before we can get the claim started. Without this information, your claim will be delayed. Your benefits will start paying on day 8 or 15 depending on the elimination period of your plan. You do not receive benefits during the waiting period. We may need to obtain additional medical information for the insurance companies approve/extend your claim. Please keep us informed on your status so there is no gap in benefits. On average, Short Term claims take about 7-10 business days to get approved once all of the information is received.

Long Term Disability Claims

If you go past 13 weeks of disability or did not elect Short Term coverage, your Long Term claim will start once you have been out for 91 days. You will need to complete the Long Term application in order to start receiving benefits. If you are in the first 12 months of being on the policy, the insurance company will perform a complete pre-existing condition investigation. A pre-existing condition investigation involves reviewing all medical and pharmacy records related to your current condition and any other condition you may have had in the past. This can increase the time it takes for the insurance company to make a decision about your claim. It is not uncommon for a pre-existing condition investigation to take up to three weeks.

To better assist you with your claim process, please have all information sent by fax to Cornerstone at 847-580-4937 or by email to

If you have any questions regarding claims, please contact our office.