Cornerstone is an up-front insurance agent. No bull about claims and paid in a timely manner as long as you stay on top of paperwork between Doctors and Insurance Company. Very easy to work with and great communication. They make you feel comfortable that everything is being done to keep your money flowing and healthy enough to return to work. I am happy with service provided and definitely recommend them to anyone needing this coverage…. — R. Caraway, BLET

I enjoyed my experience with you all. I hated being injured but the professionalism and courtesy was above what you’d expect normally. The individuals were supportive, understanding and very encouraging making my time off work and rehabilitation time tolerable. The support I received and words of encouragement really meant a great deal and I made it through this ordeal with a new faith in that there are people who are willing to help others and go an extra step during an unfortunate incident. Thank you all. — D. Westmoreland, BLET

Cornerstone made this process so simple and easy. I was amazed of how much I didn’t have to do. They took care of everything, from doctors paperwork to making sure I was not stressed about not having income from my employer. Everything was done in a timely manner. I couldn’t be happier. — M. Frankenfeld, BNSF

Without Cornerstone we would be in a world of hurt, you all make it really easy to get the claims taken care of!!

— J. Peterson, BLET

I could not have been happier with everyone I had any contact with. They all were great. Thank you all for everything you did for myself and my family during this difficult time.  — D. Morgan, Amtrak

All I can say is that the Cornerstone staff went up and above to make sure my claim went through without any problems. That said I represent over 200 Brothers and Sisters in Los Angeles and had heard from my members how helpful and informing the staff at Cornerstone were during the claims process. It was all true, the checks were always on time, the customer service was amazing. I have supported them since it was available to our members but now I have first-hand experience! Thank You! — K. Richards, BLET

These folks are top notch. I had zero problems from day one until I got back to work. They contacted me not only to get my money fast but also to follow up just in case. I can’t tell you how hard it is making ends meet after a injury because before I got Cornerstone all I had was the retirement board and it pays next to nothing. Do yourself a favor and get your own insurance because you never know what and when something can go wrong. — A. Bryant, BNSF

Everyone hates to pay a monthly insurance premium until the moment that they need it. My personal financial situation never missed a step because of the security that my policy provides. The associates were great in handling my claim. — W. Morton, BLET

Cornerstone handled my claim in very exceptional time frame. I felt as though I was their only customer most of the time because of how quick my claim representative was able to get my claim started. — J. Neff, BLET

Claims people held my hand through all the paperwork. Made sure it was completed correctly. Checked on my recovery process. They were very compassionate and understanding in all communications with me. Very professional but yet caring.  — P. Krueger, CN

We are so glad we made the decision to purchase STD insurance. We were actually contemplating what would happen if the primary earner was to be injured/sick and this policy gave us something LESS to have to worry about after a catastrophic injury. — P. Sharp, BLET

The claims process was easy. I was handled professionally with the utmost care possible. I appreciate the fact that Kathy was knowledgeable and professional in our dealing. And fast! Boy, everything was prompt.  — K. Brown, BNSF

It’s pretty stressful when you have to miss work and lose your income for a significant amount of time. Without my insurance plan through Cornerstone there’s no way my family would have been able to keep our heads above water with the financial struggles. The worry and uncertainty about the claims process, and how long it would take before I had money coming in again was far greater than the nervousness of having surgery and the recovery process. I’m here to tell you that it was very easy, and very quick compared to the nightmare that I thought it would be. We never missed a beat financially speaking which took a huge burden off of my shoulders and allowed me to rest and recover so that I did not have to rush back to work too soon and hinder the healing process. I was skeptical when I signed up with Cornerstone, just because it’s 2016 and it’s usually a big hassle if and when you ever need to file a claim, with any type of insurance company. You never know if and when you may get injured or sick, but now that I have Cornerstone, and have had to use it, I’m very happy and relieved to know that I’m covered. — D. Kearney, BNSF

My claim was handled quickly and professionally. I would recommend this company to anyone. — H. Bowers, BLET

From the moment I called to the first call back— Everyone I spoke with made me feel I was a priority, and with the speed in which my claim was handled, I believe I was. Thank you. — R. McClanahan, BLET

From start to finish, the Claim Representative handled all aspects in a professional and compassionate manner. You obtain coverage with the hope of not having to use it, but there is comfort knowing that on such an occasion that your situation will be handled with tact and that payments come promptly and without issue. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this service.  — R. Helm, BNSF

Cornerstone was AWESOME!!! Having some money coming in so quickly and easily was a burden lifted from my healing process! I also have another supplement insurance. And I am still waiting for money from them. Really, I cannot say enough good things about Cornerstone, or any of their people I spoke with during my injury!!  — M. Coddington, BNSF

The people at Cornerstone are very helpful and make it easy to work with them.  — B. Boen, BNSF

I’ve been through cancer and another issue in 3 years. The support and help has been awesome. — S. Meigs, BLET

Having this policy may seem expensive but allowed me the time I needed to heal and not feel rushed to get back to work. It was a lifesaver and kept my bills on track and an accident didn’t ruin me or my family’s financial future.  — J. Anastasoff, BLET

After my first conversation with Jessie, I had no worries about the process. Submitting paperwork was a lot easier than making doctors appointments. Anytime I had questions they were answered above and beyond my expectations. The whole thing was so simple it took the stress of not working and collecting a paycheck away. I am so happy that I signed up (at the last minute) . I would encourage all members to enroll . It’s just a little piece of mind that can help us all. Thank you  — G. Kenske, BNSF