All I can say is that the Cornerstone staff went up and above to make sure my claim went through without any problems. That said I represent over 200 Brothers and Sisters in Los Angeles and had heard from my members how helpful and informing the staff at Cornerstone were during the claims process. It was all true, the checks were always on time, the customer service was amazing. I have supported them since it was available to our members but now I have first-hand experience! Thank You! — K. Richards, BLET

I enjoyed my experience with you all. I hated being injured but the professionalism and courtesy was above what you’d expect normally. The individuals were supportive, understanding and very encouraging making my time off work and rehabilitation time tolerable. The support I received and words of encouragement really meant a great deal and I made it through this ordeal with a new faith in that there are people who are willing to help others and go an extra step during an unfortunate incident. Thank you all. — D. Westmoreland, BLET

Cornerstone is an up-front insurance carrier. No bull about claims and paid in a timely manner as long as you stay on top of paperwork between Doctors and Insurance Company. Very easy to work with and great communication. They make you feel comfortable that everything is being done to keep your money flowing and healthy enough to return to work. I am happy with service provided and definitely recommend them to anyone needing this coverage…. — R. Caraway, BLET

Everyone hates to pay a monthly insurance premium until the moment that they need it. My personal financial situation never missed a step because of the security that my policy provides. The associates were great in handling my claim. — W. Morton, BLET

Cornerstone handled my claim in very exceptional time frame. I felt as though I was their only customer most of the time because of how quick my claim representative was able to get my claim started. — J. Neff, BLET

We are so glad we made the decision to purchase STD insurance. We were actually contemplating what would happen if the primary earner was to be injured/sick and this policy gave us something LESS to have to worry about after a catastrophic injury. — P. Sharp, BLET